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Here is a contribution from Sensei Don Clark! It's an oldie for sure! (for example, I see students who are now shodans, nidans, a couple of sandans , a yondan, and a godan standing in the ranks !)

Taken at a Hunt park tournament, can you find the hidden sensei's? 

Missing spot is photo taker Sensei Don,Sensei craig,Denis Michael,Paul Lent,front row.Sensei Rod is in there somewhere also!

And here is a group photo from the Monticello St. dojo taken in 1983!

When the school was small these were the folks that made things happen!

Denis Michaels,Paul Lent, Sheri Paine, Don Clark, Craig MacDougal, Dennis MacSweeney,Rod Ivy

photo provided by Don Clark

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2002, Dolphin Karate School Kyokushinkai